Leverage seamless chatbot integration. Collaborate chatbot surveys with all your favorite apps.

Survey Integration with over 750 apps

Zapier Integration

With Zapier Integrations you can connect your surveys to send data to over 750 different apps.


Access all widely used CRM systems to integrate survey responses with your Customer Relationships.

Multiple Surveys

Setup chatbot integrations for each of your surveys.

Integrations zapier

Data API

Survey Responses

Access your survey responses via the data API.

Employee Profiles

All survey responses include the full details of the employee's profile.


The Surveybot Data API is secured by token authentication and a secure SSL connection.

Integrations data api



Webhooks enable you to send survey responses to your systems in real-time.

Multiple Surveys

Choose the surveys you want to send data, to a webhook.


Surveybot only supports webhooks secured by a secure SSL connection.

Integrations webhooks 2


Web data connector

Seamlessly connect your Surveybot responses with Tableau.

Multiple data sources

Use your Surveybot data alongside your other data sources in Tableau.

Deeper insights

Utilize Tableau's powerful calculation and visualization tools.

Tableau connector

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