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Understanding your Target Audience

Identify and survey your target audience. Ask them relevant questions that can help you learn their behavior. Record and study their demographics, their preferences, likes, dislikes, and everything that decides the acceptance of your product or service.

Understanding your target audience

Spotting Business Opportunities

Inspect and traverse your target market to get a comprehensive yet detailed idea. Identify the areas that possess the potential to grow your business and the challenging sites that need to be attended to.

Spotting business opportunities

Analyzing Competition

Measure your competition and analyze where your product stands. Follow healthy comparison methodologies to better understand market trends and challenges that may come your way to prepare well in advance.

Analyzing competition

Determining Product-market fit

Effectively assess your product's ability to meet the needs of the market. Collect data from reliable audience sources by creating a customer-focused survey questionnaire and learn about people's interest in your product.

Determining product market fit

Assessing your Niche

Know your niche market before your product promotion. Assess your niche market, competition, audience, and identify the right marketplace via carefully curated market research surveys and get the right reach for your product.

Assessing your niche

Taking Actionable Decisions

Explore your market and procure crucial information about various aspects like target customers, the marketplace, etc. Leverage the data and make insightful decisions to change the phase of your business in a better way.

Taking actionable decisions

Developing Optimal Strategies for Promotion

Find your target audience's preferred products and style of promotion. Improve your promotional strategies accordingly to procure a better reach and acceptance for the product.

Developing optimal strategies for promotion

Conduct a Complete Market Research with Reliable Features

Create intuitive market research surveys aided by top-notch features to provide a better survey-taking experience for the respondents and boost response rates.

Facebook Chatbot

Conduct market research surveys, collect responses from your audience within Facebook via Messenger chatbot and garner higher response rates.

Intuitive Survey Builder

Create auto-triggered conversational surveys on your own Facebook page using our chatbot builder and deploy them to Messenger.

Advanced Survey Logic

Design intelligent chatbot surveys with advanced survey logic features like auto-start surveys, jump logic, answer piping, and more.

Powerful Analytics

Analyze the responses of your market research surveys in real-time through insightful analytics and export them.

Seamless Integrations

From Zapier to Tableau, seamlessly integrate with more than 750 powerful apps to make the most of your chatbot surveys.

Reliable Audience panels

Use our market research tool to create your own survey panel of subscribers. Build panel segments to classify them for easier analysis.

Multi-language support

Build a chatbot survey in the language of your choice by just entering your own content and customizing page actions.

Facebook Ads

Promote your surveys through multiple campaigns. Connect your ads to chatbot surveys and let them be automatically launched inside the Messenger chat as soon as the ad is clicked.

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