Perform social media research without leaving Facebook

Make a switch from traditional social media research methods to Surveybot. It’s quick and super easy to use. Survey your audience within Facebook and get a 50% higher response rate than ever before.

Provide a truly conversational survey experience for your audience with Messenger bot, engage them, and collect precise data - all of which can be done cost-effectively.

Surveybot for Marketing and Academic Professionals

Procure powerful insights from your audience via intelligent social media research surveys. Draw conclusions from reliable feedback and data.

Study your Target Audience

Identify a researchable audience and gather valuable feedback from them. Use relevant questionnaires to survey your audience and learn more about their behavior ranging from their likes and dislikes to gender and demographics.

Target audience

Examine the Competition

Analyze competition and identify the position of your product. Understand market trends and fortify your business to withstand future challenges through efficient comparison techniques.


Conduct Academic Research

Procure relevant data and opinions on academic research topics. Survey your social media audience and quickly procure data that are truly reliable for studying.

Academic research

Discover Market Opportunities

Obtain a complete picture of your target market to develop deeper understanding. Recognize areas that demand attention and the ones that can be leveraged for business growth.

Market opportunities

Develop or Upgrade your Product

Analyze the trends and behavior of your target audience to develop or modify your product accordingly. Figure out the preferred way to develop your product and understand where it would stand.

Upgrade your product

Take Actionable Decisions

Uncover critical information concerned with various deciding factors of your business and market. Utilize the insightful data to make decisions that can facilitate growth in your business organization.

Actionable decisions

Boost your Social Media Research with powerful features

Build highly engaging social media research surveys with our feature-rich survey builder and procure solid data to make impactful decisions.

User-friendly Facebook Chatbot

Create intuitive social media research surveys and collect increased responses within the comfort of our Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Efficiently placed Campaigns

Distribute social media research surveys to subscribers over Messenger via Campaigns. Use Facebook Ads to target respondents and garner more data for your research.

Custom Audience Panel

Build your custom panel of survey audience, segment and analyze them using our social media research tool.

Powerful Survey Logic

Incorporate advanced survey logic features to your social media research survey to make it more interactive and relevant.

Robust Analytics

Measure and analyze the responses to your social media research survey. Procure reliable insights in real-time via cutting-edge analytics.

Effortless Integrations

Leverage our Zapier integration to create workflows with more than 2,000 apps that work with your chatbot surveys effectively.

Multi-language Support

Build your social media research surveys on Facebook in the language you like. All you have to do is enter your own content and customize page actions.

Email notifications

Receive email notifications in real-time as soon as your respondents complete your social media research surveys.

Why use our Social Media Research Tool?

Get to know the pulse of your Facebook audience through a productive social media research tool that walks the talk!

Conduct social media research surveys within Facebook
Leverage the fastest methods to obtain responses
Procure 50% higher response rates via Messenger Bot
Connect Surveybot to Facebook Business Manager to manage ad accounts & pages
Analyze survey responses through advanced features
Build Custom panels of respondents
Survey builder

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