Discover and Explore your Target Market

Stop depending on unreliable speculations. Switch to advanced Facebook market research surveys of Surveybot, and find the opinions and critical feedback of your target audience.

Conduct market research surveys that make a difference

Be that market research agency that can be counted on. Bring home reliable response rates and unravel crucial insights by surveying your audience from the comfort of Facebook.

Analyze the target audience in detail

Discover your target audience. Survey them with the help of a relevant questionnaire that can provide insights into their behavior and preferences along with their inclination towards the product or service you are marketing.

Analyze target audience detail

Identify Potential business opportunities

Use our market research software to explore your target market. Procure a complete idea of the market and recognize opportunities that have the potential to help your business flourish and overcome challenges.

Identify potential business opportunities

Gauge Competition Effectively

Identify your current competitors along with the potential ones and analyze their strengths and weaknesses through healthy survey solutions offered by Surveybot's market research software. Utilize the responses to create solid business strategies.

Gauge competition effectively

Assess product-market fit

Evaluate the product and assess its ability to meet market requirements. Gather reliable responses from a researchable target audience through relevant market research surveys.

Assess product market fit

Examine a niche market

Curate intelligent surveys using our market research survey software to know your niche market, the audience, and a suitable marketplace to promote your product.

Examine niche market

Make productive decisions

Inspect your market and target audience to procure solid data. Make insightful decisions to drive growth in your organization.

Make productive decisions

Plan attractive promotional strategies

Figure out the promotional strategies that will work best with your target audience via insightful market research surveys. Improve your promotional strategies based on the data obtained.

Plan attractive promotional strategies

Special Features for Market Research Agencies

Choose a market research software that provides you with relevant and powerful features to help you improve response rates and collect crucial data, rather than a confusing mix of features that just don't contribute to your research.

Market research survey builder

Utilize our intuitive market research survey builder to design auto-triggered interactive surveys on your own Facebook page.

Market research panels

Let a researchable audience subscribe to your market research panel built for your Facebook page and gather their profile information.

Facebook Ads

Connect your Facebook Ads directly to your market research surveys and launch it automatically inside Messenger as soon as the ad is clicked.

Powerful Survey Logic

Leverage the advanced survey logic features of our market research software to make your surveys more relevant to the individual respondents.

Advanced Analytics

Evaluate and assess responses in real-time with the help of advanced visual analytics. Export the data and inspect it closely to make insightful decisions.

Multiple Integrations

Elevate your surveying experience by integrating our market research survey software with more than 2000 powerful apps.

Multi-language support

Create market research surveys in any language you prefer. You simply have to enter your own content and personalize page actions.

Email notifications

Get notified in real-time through email as soon as a respondent fills in your market research survey.

Choose an efficient market research software, Uncover distinct audience opinions

Try Surveybot’s market research survey software. Leverage advanced features to create flawless yet engaging surveys that can help you gather more response rates and understand your audience better.

Create your own market research chatbot
Conduct highly interactive surveys within Facebook Messenger
Leverage custom panels and segment audience efficiently
Gather responses in minutes
Procure 50% higher response rates via Messenger bot
Connect your chatbot surveys to Facebook Ad Campaigns
Make use of powerful analytical features
Survey builder

Be the ‘go-to’ market research agency with Surveybot.